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“I give it a 10/10 because it was really fun and challenging. We would disagree on some stuff, but overall I think it was really fun and creative.”

– Maddie, 4th grader

Created exclusively for 4th graders, the Track Modeling Program is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and the Three Dimensional Learning Model. Through practices, cross-cutting concepts and core Ideas, students have an opportunity to conceptualize, design and build a scale BMX track.

The program is designed to cover a one weeks worth of material, or 20+ hours of classroom time. This program is free to schools through donations and sponsorships and the USA BMX Foundation provides all materials needed, including classroom curriculum for teachers. The program is truly turn-key.

Students review video of different tracks from around the world, Skype with an Olympian to gain perspective, then have the opportunity to physically create blueprints on their vision. They take a field trip to a BMX track where they walk the facility, take a tour of the inner workings of the business, then spend the remainder of their day riding the track on bikes. Back in the classroom, they work with different types of soil mixtures to create the ideal track dirt with a heavy focus on soil sciences. They spend the rest of the week compiling their experiences in a collaborative team setting to build a scale model of their track blueprint complete with turns, berms and jumps.

Students take pride in showcasing their vision and creativity while learning about real life opportunities at the intersection of engineering, architecture, construction and sport.

As part of the culminating event, students work is put on display and evaluated by a community panel. USA BMX Foundation provides all participants awards, along with trophies for the top categories.

“We first brainstormed. Next, we made our blueprint of the track. After, we made the dirt look like a professional BMX track. Finally, we added detail!”

– Trevan, 4th grader

Viewable Track Modeling Sample curriculum coming soon.

STEM Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M)

This project-based program is student-centered, student-led, where instructors help facilitate the STEM curriculum. The eight (8) module curriculum is equal parts education, athletics, and exercise. The flexible modules are designed to be used in a variety of settings including school day, after school, as well as summer camps and programs. Funding for the program is traditionally secured through grants, donations and sponsors. In addition, the program is aligned with many state STEM standards, including NGSS, and incorporates a pre/post testing element that assists with outcome based reporting.

For more information on this program, see the attached flyer.

Click here to download our STEM Sample curriculum.

Read To Ride

The USA BMX Read to Ride Program is designed to encourage, motivate and inspire young people to develop and improve their reading skills during non-school hours and to combat learning loss over extended school breaks.

From books and magazines to comics, e-reads to newspapers, we believe that reading promotes imagination and gives children the opportunity to visit worlds far away and imagine new ones of their own.

For information, please see the attached flyer.