Marketing Coordinator for USA BMX Foundation, Justin Posey, caught up with Broski Founder & CEO, Ricardo Senger, to ask a few questions before the big release of their over-the ear Lety headphones.

Q:  Ricardo, how/why did you get into the headphone business?

A:  About 2 years ago, I got involved into the headphones and earphones business. I wanted to               share with more people the positive effect that music can bring to our lives by triggering emotion       and feelings that are awakened by listening to the right tune with the right fidelity.


Q:  What made you switch from in-ear to over-the-ear headphones?

A:  We have not switched to solely over-the-ear. We sell both kinds! However, the

     over-the-ear enables us to produce a much higher performing set.

Q:  How much technology is in a set of Lety headphones?
A:  Cutting edge technology! We have worked with the designers of monster who

     designed beats. Our factory produces a couple of the better-known name brands.

Q:  STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

     We understand there is a lot of technology that goes into making a pair of headphones,

     but do you think you could give us another example how you use STEM in your

     everyday work?
A:  We used science and technology to reproduce sounds in the frequencies that trigger

     production on certain chemicals in the brain that translate to emotions. The headphones are               engineered to have the acoustics for optimal performance.

Q:  Where can people buy them?

A:  Online at

About Broski

Broski is a group of professionals dedicated to the development of high quality earphones and headphones, our only goal is help you listen to music in the best way possible whether you are working out, commuting, traveling or just relaxing. 


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