Cam Wood


Cam Wood was the top Junior BMX racer in the U.S. in 2019 winning a staggering 17 National events! Cam represented team USA in both Lima, Peru, for the Pan American Games and in Zolder, Belgium for the World Championships. Cam joined the Elite Pro ranks in 2020, and has emerged as one of America’s top hopefuls for future Olympic Games.

  • What is/was your favorite subject in school and why?

My favorite subject is Exercise Science. I personally enjoy the subjects in school that apply to my life the most. BMX racing is a physically demanding sport so I like to use the knowledge I gain from Exercise science to benefit me. 


  • What is your favorite book that you’ve read?

I read “Hatchet” in Middle school and it is definitely one of my favorite books. Now I just like to read biographies/autobiographies on some of my favorite athletes in my spare time. 


  • What are you currently reading (if anything)?

Right now just course textbooks. I'm enrolled in some summer classes so it's keeping me busy… haven’t found the time to read much else.  

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  • Who was the BMX rider that you’ve admired the most growing up?

Sam Willoughby


  • What is a life lesson that you’ve learned through cycling?

Cycling and sport in general has taught me endless lessons in life. It has helped me understand the process of setting goals and taking action to achieve them. I always have a specific plan when it comes to training or finishing my assignments on time. Time management is a big thing in college and I think being disciplined with my training throughout the years has prepared me well. My mind approaches school in a very similar way that I approach cycling.


  • A fun fact about me is….

...I play too much Playstation on my rest days.