Frequently Asked Questions

How is the USA BMX STEM program different from other STEM based activities?

The main differentiator is the fact that the program is equal parts education and exercise. For example, in one chapter, the students determine their speed which is just time over distance. They pedal for 100ft as fast as they can while their partner times them, then they repeat it three more times to validate their findings.

The USA BMX STEM program was designed to be a student-led, student taught so there is very little downtime. Students pair up to perform the various experiments and record data so there is a heavy focus on collaboration and communication.

How many other schools are participating in the BMX STEM program?

There are over 380 schools participating in our USA BMX STEM program!

How can I get funding for the USA BMX STEM program at my school?

Although funding for the program is traditionally secured through grants, donations and sponsors, about 20% of our sales have been direct to school districts or PTAs that raised funds on their own.

Because the program is both STEM and Physical Education, you can apply for a variety of funding sources including grants that have a focus on childhood obesity. In addition, the program is aligned with many State STEM standards and incorporates a pre/post testing element that assists with outcome based reporting.

Can the USA BMX STEM program be operated outside of a school setting?

Absolutely. The flexible modules are designed to be used in a variety of settings including school day, after school, as well as summer camps, day camps and other youth learning programs.

Do the modules or chapters have to be done in order or can we mix them up?

They do not need to be done in order. In fact, many of the schools or Park and Recreation Departments that utilize our programs do not operate the program in order. Some use it as a rainy-day filler.

Do students get to keep the bikes they build inside of the STEM program?

That is up to you. Some schools have done it that way. Traditionally, the bikes used for the STEM program are intended to be used over and over again for future students.

What if my child/student wishes to pursue BMX after the curriculum ends?

High five! That is the best news ever. Each participant receives a one-day membership to a local track where they go out and ride with friends or make new ones. Even if you do not have a bike or helmet, it is okay! Each track has an extra set of bikes and helmets for you to use for the day so we have you covered.

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