Justin Posey


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North Carolina native, Justin Posey, is the latest in a long line of legendary BMX racers to ride for Mongoose. From his amateur days as a National Champion – 9 times to be exact – to his current feats as a AA Pro, Justin is simply one of the fastest riders in the US. While Justin has an impressive resume on the track, he’s made an even bigger impact off the track as a mentor for kids through the USA BMX Foundation. As the marketing coordinator for amazing programs like STEM, Track Modeling, Read to Ride, and BMX Racing League, Justin’s goal is to continue to grow these educational programs for kids around the country while bringing more visibility to the sport of BMX. Mongoose is thrilled to have Justin riding a Goose, and we’re pumped to follow his chase for Tokyo in 2020.

  • What is/was your favorite subject in school and why?

Math was always my favorite subject in grade school. Once I got to college, business marketing and sales were my favorite subjects and classes.

  • What is your favorite book that you’ve read?

"Can't Hurt Me" - David Goggins is my favorite book. He has done some incredible things in his life and shows everyone what is truly possible when you put your mind to something.


  • What are you currently reading (if anything)?

I have been reading a book about the anatomy of the back. I will be starting a new mystery book soon. 


  • Who was the BMX rider that you’ve admired the most growing up?

There isn't just one BMX rider, but the top 3 would have to be Kyle Bennett, Bubba Harris, and Jeff Upshaw.


  • What is a life lesson that you’ve learned through cycling?

 If you want something, you have to work for it and be held accountable. There are coaches, but not to the extent of true "team sports", so you have to be able to go out and push yourself and hold yourself accountable day in and day out.


  • A fun fact about me is….

... I love playing golf but I am really bad!

"Cycling has taken me to so many amazing places and seen so many amazing things. Combining education and cycling is a dream come true and couldn't be more honored to work with a company like USA BMX Foundation who values these two things and provides communities and schools with the opportunity to do so!" - Justin Posey