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Full Kit - Bikes and Curriculum - This one-of-a-kind offering comes with a “kit” that has everything you need to provide the perfect enrichment program for boys and girls ages 8 to 14.


This project-based program is student-centered, and student-led, where instructors help facilitate the BMX STEM curriculum. Our eight (8) module curriculum is equal parts education and exercise, all centered around a bike. Flexible lesson plans are designed to be used in a variety of settings including school days, after-school, as well as summer camps. 



  • Complete curriculum providing eight (8) modules, filled with photos, step-by-step walk-throughs and outcomes 
  • Five (5) Mongoose BMX bikes 
  • Five (5) BMX safety helmets
  • Five (5) Bluetooth wireless cycling computers
  • One (1) bike stand for builds, repairs, and modifications 
  • One (1) complete set of bike tools 
  • One (1) bike pump with pressure gauge 
  • Five (5) alternative tread tires (to be used on front tire in module #6)
  • Two (2) spare inner tubes 
  • Each student receives a free One-Day Membership to USA BMX


Our curriculum aligns with state STEM standards, including NGSS, and incorporates a pre/post testing element that supports outcome-based reporting. 

S.T.E.A.M. Program - Full Kit

  • Shipping costs will be charged separately.  Please understand that the STEAM Bike Kit will come palletized. We will contact you within 24 hours of purchase to discuss shipping options. 

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